Asia Cup 2023: Consequences of a Potential Loss for India and Pakistan

Asia Cup 2023: Consequences of a Potential Loss for India and Pakistan

In the event that India prevails over Pakistan in the ongoing Asia Cup 2023 match, they stand to gain two points from a single game. Their upcoming fixtures include matches against Sri Lanka on September 12 and Bangladesh on September 15. A victory against Sri Lanka would secure India a spot in the final scheduled to be played in Colombo on September 17.

India vs. Pakistan Asia Cup 2023: The uncertainty looms over the continuation of the India-Pakistan Asia Cup 2023 match, interrupted due to rain on Sunday (September 10). Whether the game will resume on the reserve day, Monday, September 11, remains uncertain, as rain covers were back on the Premdasa Arena just two hours before the scheduled start.

As fans await updates in Colombo on Monday, ZeeBiz provides insights into potential scenarios. This includes considerations for various outcomes such as one team winning, the other team winning, or a complete washout.

India vs. Pakistan Asia Cup 2023: What if the match is a washout? In the scenario where the match is declared a washout, with no team emerging as the winner, both India and Pakistan will earn one point each.

Having already defeated Bangladesh, Pakistan would accumulate three points from two matches, positioning them on the points table in the Very 4 stage. Sri Lanka, having also triumphed over Bangladesh in their initial Very 4 stage match, holds a similar standing.

If the ongoing Very 4 match between India and Pakistan ends in a washout, India will secure one point. Their subsequent matches against Sri Lanka (September 12) and Bangladesh (September 15) become crucial, requiring victories in both to advance to the next stage.

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