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Ditobet Loyalty Scheme


How to participate

  • The Loyalty Program comprises five tiers: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond.
  • Players attain a Status/Loyalty Level based on their accumulated Points.
  • A total bet stake of 10 EUR (or its equivalent in currency) corresponds to 1 point.
  • Players must place bets on eligible games to accumulate points, irrespective of whether the bets result in a win or loss.
  • The player’s level status can undergo upgrades, downgrades, or improvements on a tier-by-tier basis every 30 days.
  • Advancing from one level to the next is incremental, allowing movement from, for instance, Bronze to Silver within 30 days. However, players cannot jump multiple levels simultaneously, such as moving directly from Bronze to Platinum in a single month.
  • Progressing to a higher level requires accumulating points exceeding the maximum threshold of the current level within the 30-day period.
  • If a player collects fewer points than required for their level within 30 days, automatic demotion to a lower level occurs.

Terms and conditions

  • The Ditobet loyalty program enables you to accrue loyalty points.
  • These points can be utilized to acquire bonuses.
  • On the “Loyalty Points” page, your current plan and corresponding Level are prominently displayed.
  • The bottom section provides a clear view of your current points.
  • Users can access the following information on the screen:
  • Next Status Update: Indicates the potential advancement or downgrade by one level.
  • Month Points: Reflects the total points earned in the ongoing month.
  • Exchangeable: Displays the total number of points available for exchange.
  • Additional details can be obtained by clicking on the information button.
  • Ready to redeem your points? Simply tap the designated button to access the “Exchange Shop.”
  • All General Terms and Conditions are applicable to the Loyalty Program.

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