Mumbai Indians Refute Speculations of Trades Involving Rohit Sharma and Others


Amidst swirling speculations about a potential rift and trade requests within the Mumbai Indians camp, a high-ranking official from the franchise has categorically denied any such developments. The official stated unequivocally at the IPL auction in Dubai that Rohit Sharma, along with any other player, is not on the trading block.

The denial came in response to rumors circulating on social media, hinting at unrest among Mumbai Indians players after the removal of Rohit Sharma as the team captain, with Hardik Pandya taking over the leadership role.

Confirmation from MI Officials Addressing the rumors,

the MI official emphasized that the news is mere fiction and clarified that there is no intention to let go of any player. The official further assured that every player was consulted before the decision to change the captaincy, and Rohit Sharma was actively involved in the decision-making process.

Reports of Potential Trades Despite the official denial,

reports suggested that several players, including Suryakumar Yadav, Jasprit Bumrah, and Ishan Kishan, were contemplating leaving the franchise. It was rumored that the players were backing Rohit Sharma and considering trade options. However, MI officials have firmly dismissed these speculations.

Interest from Other Franchises There were reports indicating that franchises like Chennai Super Kings and Delhi Capitals expressed interest in acquiring Rohit Sharma and other Mumbai Indians players through the trade window. However, revealed that one of these franchises approached MI about trading Rohit, but the offer was rejected by Mumbai Indians. The interested franchise confirmed their pursuit of Rohit but acknowledged being out of the race after MI declined the offer.

Rohit’s Legacy with MI Rohit Sharma has been at the helm of Mumbai Indians since 2023, leading the team to five IPL titles. While the team faced challenges in the last two years, finishing last in 2022 and reaching the playoffs in the subsequent year, the official stance from MI is that the decision to change the captaincy was made with the team’s best interests in mind. Cricket expert Sunil Gavaskar, acknowledging Rohit’s past successes, commented that the choice benefits the team, especially considering Rohit’s recent decline in batting performance.”

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