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Parimatch is a casino and sportsbook that allows you to bet on many popular eSports titles. If you’re looking for a site that always has eSports events you can bet on, make sure you don’t miss this site.

We’re going to start with Parimatch’s welcome bonuses. Then, if you find their set of promos somewhat unsatisfying, we’ll try to bring enthusiasm back by showing why the site is one of the leaders in its industry, with expensive celebrities and solid legal background behind it. Most of all, we’ll focus on eSports and discover the site’s gaming side.

Bonus offers are prioritized in many Parimatch reviews, including this one, as they are excellent places to start. If you’re unfamiliar with casino and sportsbook promotions, they’re essentially two things: free money or a free chance to make money, which aren’t all that different, in our view.

While we’re going to concentrate on Parimatch eSports, it’s important to note that Parimatch isn’t an eSports betting site specifically, so the majority of its bonuses are intended for users of casinos and sportsbooks.

Users Review

“Good range of payment options. I also found the withdrawal process to be very quick”

“I faced some problems when withdrawing but the support helped me – it took longer than I would have liked, but it helped, so that “

” Good and Fast Experience”


  • Large collection of eSports titles, events, and tournaments.
  • Great odds
  • Live streaming
  • Mobile App for both Android and iOS


  • Weak customer support
  • Withdrawal to bank account is unavailable at times
  • No sports-based welcome offer
  • Few sportsbook promotions


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  1. Fast result

  2. Parimatch Casino contributes to discussions with concise and valuable comments.

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