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Receive a Cash Rebate of Up to 1.2% on Slots & Fish Games.

Receive a Cash Rebate of Up to 1.2% on Slots & Fish Games.

Engage in any Slots and Fish games to avail a daily, unlimited real-time cash rebate of up to 1.2%.

Cash Rebate:

TurnoverCash Rebate %
500 to 1,50,0000.4%
1,50,001 to 3,50,0000.6%
3,50,001 to 5,50,0000.8%
5,50,001 to 8,50,0001.0%

Terms and Conditions:

  • Acquire real-time cash rebates by achieving a minimum turnover of 500 or more, with unlimited daily claims.
  • Unclaimed turnovers of 500 or above will automatically be credited the following day after 10:30 AM IST as cash rebates to the player’s JeetWin wallet.
  • Turnover updates and claims for real-time rebates will take 20 to 30 minutes from the settling time.
  • Enjoy cash rebates on all Slots and Fish games, excluding the PT platform.
  • Upon claiming a cash rebate, the count resets to zero, initiating a fresh cash rebate cycle.
  • Daily crediting and resetting of cash rebates occur at 9:30 PM IST each night.
  • Players are limited to a single account; any multiple or fraudulent accounts will result in locking and forfeiting of deposits.
  • The Terms and Conditions outlined by Jeetwin are in effect.

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