The absence of Virat Kohli has put India behind schedule

The absence of Virat Kohli has put India behind schedule

There is no warning during transitions, particularly in a team sport with as many layers as cricket. As the clock has approached two years, there is a growing sense that the moment to get ready for life without Virat Kohli could come at any moment. Up until it happened in Hyderabad last month, even though it was only for a few games, shocking everyone involved in the process. More so because Kohli was shaping up to hit his gold standard of batting with an average of 55.91 last year.

There was no greater testament to India’s unwavering faith in Kohli than the extraordinary, protracted, and concerning dry spell he had to endure prior to 2023. Perhaps more importantly, though, it served to subtly delay the necessity of locating a legitimate heir apparent in the first place.

Cut to when India’s batting is poised to become a microcosm of this predicament after Kohli has ruled himself out of the series. With KL Rahul to follow, the start in Hyderabad, which at 80/1 was peaceful anyhow, held additional promise. Furthermore, India’s batting still had direction and purpose while he was at the wicket.

However, Shreyas Iyer provided no consolation at all in Visakhapatnam. Since both Rahul and Iyer are no longer available for selection, it is becoming increasingly inevitable—if not downright unsettling—to wonder who will step into the large shoes of Virat Kohli.

Virat Kohli Career Records

Indian cricketer Virat Kohli represents his country, India. In 2024, Virat Kohli will turn 36 years old. He was born on November 5, 1988. Delhi native Virat Kohli bats right-handed in the middle order. He has played 113 Test matches so far in his career and has amassed 8,848 runs at an average of 49 in those innings. Throughout his Test career, Virat Kohli has hit 26 sixes and 991 fours.In his most recent Test match, which took place in January 2024 at Six Gun Grill Newlands in Cape Town, South Africa, he scored 46 runs off 59 balls.

In his 117 T20 matches played thus far, Virat Kohli has amassed 4,037 runs at an average of 52. Throughout his T20 career, he has slapped 361 fours and 117 sixes. Kohli scored 0 runs off of 1 ball in his team’s total in their most recent Twenty20 match against Afghanistan at M.Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bangalore, India, which took place in January 2024. With 760 points overall, Virat Kohli is currently rank seventh in the ICC Test batting rankings. With 768 points overall, he is rank third in the ICC Odi batting rankings. He is rank 48th position in the ICC T20 batting rankings with a total of 511 points.

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